Tilamsik Vol 8 No. 1, now published!

Post date: 11-Jul-2015 13:20:54

In this year’s first issue of Tilamsik, we noticed an apparent topical trajectory of the faculty and student researches toward studies that are expressive of fluidity in perspective, which, thus, offer an inter-disciplinary and humanistic outlook on the otherwise “traditionally positivistic” (Keyton, 2011) approach to research that the University is known for. The free-flowing nature of topics, regardless of whether such topics are considered taboo, bear social stigma, or whether they bluntly criticize the norm in the institution, the community, the existing body of knowledge in an area, or some sectors of the greater society, suggest a research culture in the College that is transformative in two ways. We regard the studies as transformative because: (1) some of them are not normally discussed in everyday conversations, but have significant implications on certain communities or groups; and (2) they offer empirically-grounded information on issues and practical solutions on certain problems.

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