CAS Extension Services

TAWAG (Tutorial with Around the World in Achieving Goals): A Tutorial Development Specialization Training

In partnership with ATW and LGU, this virtual coaching project will help participants to be job ready. LGU will provide technical support for the participants be able to join this virtual coaching. It will also ensure that participants will be able to finish the training. Then, ATW will train them to enhance their skills in language and diction, product and service and telemarketing concepts for them to be hired in the BPO industry and other language related jobs. This project will also coordinate with Public Employment Service Office (PESO) and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).It is to ensure that participants will be able to be hired after the training. READ more...


SMILE for HIs, or "Skills Mentoring and Innovative Livelihood Education for Hearing Impaired Adolescents and Young Adults" is an extension project based on the recommendations of the study of Alcoreza and Zubieto (2012) entitled, “Need Assessment of Hearing Impaired Adolescents and Young Adults: Basis for Designing a Non Formal Education” to offer a skills-training program for Hearing Impaired individuals. It is guided by the provisions of the Magna Carta for Disable Persons. This program is in support to the memorandum of agreement (MOA) between SLSU and Lucban Association of Differently Abled Person (LADAP), one of the adopted communities of the university. LADAP is a non-profit organization that supports the needs of Persons with Disability (PWDs) in Lucban, Quezon. The agreement includes a partnership in facilitating seminar and livelihood trainings to differently abled persons, however, HIs from other localities near SLSU were also accommodated like the Samahan ng mga may Kapansanan sa Mauban (SAKAMA) of Mauban, Quezon and the PWD Federation of Tayabas City. The Municipality of Mauban and SLSU also entered into a MOA for this project while the HIs from Tayabas City were supported by the local school fund of the Tayabas City School District. The project is headed by Mr. Gino Cabrera. Read more...

CAS Office of the Extension Services

Extension Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Maria Gloria B. Nada, MA

Extension Facilitators

Mr. Wilfredo Barrera, Jr. | BS Biology

Mr. Charly Lacorte | BS Mathematics

Ms. Khristalyn V. Fraginal, MC | BA Communication

Asst. Prof. Maria Gloria B. Nada | MA Applied Linguistics

Prof. Judeimar A. Ungriano | AB History

Mr. Gino Cabrera | AB Psychology

Accessories Making

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) livelihood program was started as a leisure time but knowledgeable activity for those faculty members who had a free time or vacant time and willing to make their own fashion accessory. It was around 2010 when Dr. Leonisa O. Bernardo, the college dean during that time suggested to have this kind of activity to make the free time of faculty members worthwhile. The faculty members were trained by Ms. Beng Obmerga.

It was in April 18, 2010 when the college conducted its first Accessories Making Seminar at Barangay Aliliw upon the request of its barangay captain Howard R. Cadiz with its aim of providing a livelihood program for the female residents of the said barangay. Another seminar was conducted on July 03, 2010 with the Lucban Association of Differently—Abled persons (LADAP) held at the CAS multi-purpose hall with the purpose of enhancing the skills and provide source of income to the hearing impaired participants regarding accessory making.

Later on, a lot of requests coming from the different organizations and barangays to conduct the said activity was received by the College. Until now, the said program that was started as leisure time for faculty members is continuously developing and helping people from the community to make their free time worthwhile.

Ilog ko, Parikitin mo

Ilog Ko, Parikitin Mo is a third phase extension project that aims to rehabilitate the Camatian River through Information and Education Campaign, seminars and workshops. This is a partnership project with the Local Government Unit of Lucban and the barangay officials along the river. The IEC and seminars intend to support the planning-workshop on the protection, rehabilitation and revival of the river.

Wildlife Philippines Podcast

Faculty members of the BA Communication program have been involved in the production of podcasts called “Wildlife Philippines,” streamed on Spotify. Wildlife Philippines is a podcast funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Tanggol Kalikasan’s partnership with Instituted of Environmental Governance (IEG) of various Universities in the country.

Through SLSU’s partnership with Tanggol Kalikasan, BA Communication faculty members have been given international training and funding on the production of podcasts between April, 2019 – December 2021. These faculty members include Prof. Brian Villaverde, Prof. Khristalyn Fraginal, Dr. Shiela Manzanilla, and Prof. Mary Jane Camarador. Thus far, the University, through its BA Communication faculty members, has produced four podcasts under this partnership.

Tanggol Kalikasan has been a partner of SLSU for several years since the establishment of the Institute of Environmental Governance. Based on the latest Memorandum of Understanding with them, Tanggol Kalikasan and SLSU will remain to be partners until 2025. The MOU covers comprehensive environmental education programs and projects by sharing expertise and resources. The BA Communication program has been in charge of producing campaign materials – the podcasts – on the flora and fauna of Quezon and nearby provinces for widest dissemination.