Battle of the Neurons 2017

Post date: 08-Apr-2018 05:53:56

Battle of the Neurons is an annual activity of the SLSU Haynayanon. This year, the students organized the 6th Battle of the Neurons with the theme, “The Genetic Drift”. It was held at the Audio-Visual Room, College of Engineering last November 17, 2017. Eleven team quizzers from different colleges joined the pool of the fittest. The master of ceremony, John Vincent G. Navalan, opened the program with doxology and national anthem followed by explaining the guidelines of the quiz bee. Ms. Kathleen O. Pornobi, BS Biology Chairperson, welcomed the quizzers and the quiz contest proper started with the help of the quizmaster, Mr. Wilfredo Barrera, Jr.. There were 37 questions divided into 10 easy, 10 average, 10 difficult and 7 questions for sudden death round, the newly added round that gives the thrill and excitement to the contestants and also to the audience. The sudden death round gave a sudden change in the ranking of the team quizzers. Team- BER got 143 points, Team Friends of Caesarxz got 153 points, Team Friends of Friends of Cesarxz got 168 points, which placed them at the 3rd, 2ndand 1stplace, respectively. Then the declared champion was Team SWS 1 from College of Teachers Education with a total score of 210.

The competition ended with awarding of the winners and giving of certificates to all the participating quizzers. Overall, the program ended successfully with everybody, being fed not just with food but also with knowledge. / Alyssa R. Abrigo, Education & Research Committee Head