Comm Prof to continue studies in the US

Post date: 06-Sep-2018 15:11:04

Receiving the prestigious Fulbright-CHED Dissertation Grant, Ms. Joan Dizon will continue her PhD studies at the Michigan State University (MSU) in the United States for a year.

Currently on her dissertation writing stage towards her Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Ms. Dizon is among the chosen few who were successful in their application for the grant after a rigorous evaluation procedure conducted by the Fulbright Commission in the Philippines, one of the most prestigious scholarship-granting institutions in the world that is supported by the United States government, and in partnership this year with the Commission on Higher Education as part of their K-12 transition program.

Ms. Dizon is interested on writing about memes, metaphors and politics, and is advised by Dr. Diosa Labiste of the UP College of Mass Communication. She intends to find out if and how the metaphoric meme as a digital artefact can be a site for agentic possibilities in political discourse. She will be working with Dr. Johannes Bauer, the Chair of Media and Information Department, and co-supervised by Dr. Joshua Introne of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences of Michigan State University. MSU ranks 9th worldwide on Media and Communication Studies. // CAS Web Development Team