CAS upholds academic excellence, conducts in-service training

Post date: 20-Aug-2017 05:46:04

The College of Arts and Sciences, in its continuous dedication to deliver academic excellence, conducted an in-service training for its faculty members on Aug. 10, 2017. “CASYA 2017: Revitalizing Passion for Academic Excellence” aimed to equip the faculty members with the current practices in the academe through conduct of echo-seminars by those who attended workshops and trainings. Dr. Mari Jane Lee, Dean of CAS, emphasized the importance of the in-service training in delivering quality education to students in her opening remarks. She also acknowledged the presence of the faculty members who participated in the said activity.

Dr. Mari Jane A Lee, Dean of CAS, delivers an opening message

(Photo by Prof. Rene Zubieto)

The first part of the in-service training was a seminar on preparing the OBE syllabus and learning plan for the general education subjects mandated in CHED CMO no. 20 series of 2013. Prof. Judeimar Ungriano presented the components that need to be integrated in the OBE syllabus.

Prof. Mabelle Gaytano from the College of Engineering and Mr. Jett Ramos from the Human Resource Management Office conducted the discussion on the SPMS and OPCR as part of the faculty evaluation conducted in the University.

Engr. Reynaldo Ignacio answered the inquiries of the faculty members on the academic policies in the university. His talk revolved on policies regarding incomplete, conditional and in progress grades of students.

Ms. Irene Joyce Avila received her certificate for heading the Mathematics and Computing Science Dept.'s in-service training

The afternoon session was a parallel echo-seminar conducted in each department. Mr. Wilfredo Barrera served as the speaker for the Natural Science Department while Mr. Jed Frank Marqueses, Ms. Agatha Kristel Abila and Ms. Irene Joyce Avila facilitated the seminar for the Mathematics and Computing Science Department.

Prof. Aurelio Teodoro Maguyon was the speaker for the Language, Literature and Humanities Department while Ms. Maybriel Tobias, Dr. Helene Daya and Prof. Fides Joyce Llegado were the speakers for the Social Sciences Department.

Prof. Maguyon heading the in-service training for the Languages, Literature, and Humanities Dept.

The in-service training was conducted in cooperation with the Office of Instruction and Quality Assurance headed by Dr. Ricaryl Catherine Cruz.