CAS holds online meeting, addresses faculty concerns

Post date: 14-Jun-2020 05:50:24

The faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences conducted an online meeting via Zoom to address the concerns and issues of the college regarding the new normal and the closing of the second semester.

Dr. Shiela M. Manzanilla, Dean of CAS, met with each department of the college using Zoom. She conducted the meeting with the Social Sciences, and the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department on April 24, 2020, while the meeting with the Languages, Literature, and Humanities Department was held on April 25, 2020.

The Dean encouraged the faculty to watch webinars in preparation for the new normal of delivering lessons to students. Likewise, she urged them to study online platforms, such as Moodle and Zoom.

A survey among the faculty members was also conducted in preparation for the end of the enhanced community quarantine and the new normal. The survey covers the readiness of the faculty for online teaching and learning.

In the absence of students’ internet access, faculty members agreed that text messaging and coordination with LGU should be considered to deliver materials and modules for the students.

In terms of preparedness for the new normal, majority are somewhat prepared as most of the faculty members have cellular phones and laptops that they can use in holding online classes and have moderate speed of internet connection using broadband Wi-Fi. In terms of technical skills of faculty members, most of them can use basic MS Office, electronic mailing, and cloud-based file-sharing; however, least of them are familiar with google classroom, audio-visual editing, and computer-generated forms. Hence, training for the online learning management system and other platforms are indeed necessary as perceived by the respondents.

Zoom meeting with the Social Sciences Department

Zoom meeting with the Languages, Literature and Humanities Department

Zoom meeting with the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department