An International Webinar Series on Language & Communication Studies

1st Roundtable: Decentering language: From languages to speakers

September 17, 2021 | Friday, 5:00-7:00 PM Philippine Standard Time | via Zoom and FB Live

Studies of language are often expected to focus on the language itself - its system, structure, varieties, functions and the like. In this roundtable, speakers will discuss what happens when the starting point and fundamental goal of language studies is to center how language is politically and socially consequential for people. This means asking what languages mean to whom, what using languages does for whom and with what effects or consequences.

"POP It!": Integrating Inclusivity and Diversity in Education

A webinar organized in collaboration with Alamat Global Advocates

January 14, 2023 | Saturday, 4:00 PM Philippine Standard Time | via Zoom and FB Live

Eric Gerard H. Nebran

Educator, Translator, Illustrator

The Philippines is a diverse country and the Filipino experience is definitely multicultural and multilingual. Therefore, any nation-building endeavor should champion inclusivity. When PPop group ALAMAT burst into the scene in 2021, they showcased a concept that disrupted the monolithic tendencies of centers of production. Members hail from various parts of the archipelago and are singing in different languages. From then on, the group has released songs and music videos that carry their distinct Filipino “cultural” brand. In this talk, we will discuss how ALAMAT’s productions could be deployed as sources of instructional materials that encourage inclusive and equitable education. Conversations and insights abound: Filipino identifiers in “kbye,” our American colonial experience in “kasmala,” the sensual native body in “Say U Love Me,” the OFW phenomenon in ily ily, and the folk elements in “Aswang”.

"Tara, sadya ni!"