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The BS –Biology Program has 89 students that are officially enrolled as of January 2018. Majority of the students are scholars under DOST (Junior Level Science Scholarship), SSGP and 4Ps.


Based on the tracer study of BS Biology graduates 2007-2013 last 2013, 85% of the respondents are employed, 83% of which have jobs relevant to the curriculum. The group with jobs relevant to the BS Biology curriculum is largely composed of those who work as Quality Assurance Specialist, Medical Sales Representatives and Teachers in NCR, Quezon and Laguna provinces. On the other hand, 8 graduates are pursuing medicine and dentistry, and 21 are taking master’s degree in reputable institutions with specialization in different areas of Biology, marketing and management and education. Some of which were already graduated.

Only 13% of the respondents are employed in government institutions and the rests are working in private companies. Majority of the graduates are permanent while the remaining percentage is temporary, contractual or casual.

To date, there is an on-going tracer study from the year 2014 to present. This is to update their profile and/or promotions of the graduates.


SLSU-Haynayanon is an organization of the BS Biology Students which were launched in 2006 under Prof. Editha O. Bajar. Since then, there have been several extra-curricular and medical missions that the organization had organized which made the organization known to the community, especially in the adopted barangay, Brgy. Kulapi. These activities, gave the students the time to breathe from academic load and to showcase their talents. Majority of the students had been active members of the college’s dance group, Matya Satra, which gives pride and honor to the College of Arts and Sciences. SLSU Haynayanon is also known to be great singers as they never failed to have a place in the CAS Chorale Competition.Even there have been a decline in the extra-curricular activities in the college, SLSU Haynayanon still manage to continue its activities such as seminars, which aims to enrich the knowledge of the students by inviting speakers from different fields of Biology to share their insights and updates on their specialized fields.