Call for Peer Reviewers (for Tilamsik Journal)

Post date: 04-Apr-2018 21:30:42

We are cordially inviting fellow academics to join our team as volunteer peer reviewers! Since we value quality above all and are keen on following international standards in academic publication in the journal articles we publish, we would like novice, emerging, and established academics to help us review articles submitted to Tilamsik for consideration for publication.

Please note, however, that peer reviewing in our journal, as in any reputable international journals, is a voluntary act. As much as we wish to repay your kind service on monetary terms, our very limited resources coming from our own income-generation efforts independent from the State University hinders us from doing so. However, in exchange of your generosity, we will send you a certificate of appreciation and free print copies of the journal where the article you reviewed appears.

Main qualification:

Has at least one published paper in a reputable academic journal in the field of specialization. The journal where the paper is published should be one that adheres to international standards of publication, such as but not limited to blind peer review process.

Secondary qualification:

Doctorate degree holder in the field of specialization or holder of at least an Assistant Professor rank in a reputable University. Part-time academics or those not working in a University may still send in their indication to be part of the team as long as s/he possesses the main qualification.

Preferably in the following or related fields:

Applied Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Communication and Media Studies, Creative Writing, History, Literary & Cultural Studies, Psychology, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics) Education, HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) Education, Southeast Asian Studies

Please send an email to with your Curriculum Vitae highlighting your research experiences (publication and presentation).