Psych alumna, Claudia Talambayan is hailed Outstanding Educator in the US

Post date: 21-Nov-2018 21:34:24

Loida Claudia N. Talambayan, a BA Psychology alumna of batch 1988, is hailed as the inaugural Outstanding Educator/ Administrator Awardee of the Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children (AzAEYC), Arizona USA, last September 29, 2018.

A pre-school teacher at Inspire International Preschool in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Ms. Claudia, as she is fondly called, was nominated and peer-selected for the award based on her classroom teaching performance, parent interaction, and school involvement.

The AzAEYC website notes that "the Outstanding Educator or Administrator award recognizes an exceptional individual nominated by their peers who strives to exceed expectations in supporting children, families, and the early childhood workforce."

Reading the nomination citation during the awarding ceremony, Ms. Dawn Wilkinson, Executive Director of AzAEYC, cites that,

Ms. Claudia addresses the needs of children through her non-traditional, personalized, and child-centered instruction... and delivers a research-based curriculum and instruction that brings the best... of young learners. She keeps them engaged and focused in age-appropriate activities. Ms. Claudia also has an extraordinary talent in raising the confidence level in every child while keeping the whole family in support of the child's education... Every year, Ms. Claudia transitions pre-schools into well-prepared and well-equipped kindergarteners ready for the big world of learning.

Just last August, Ms. Claudia has been recognized as one of this year's outstanding alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association. (READ: 2018 CAS Outstanding Alumni)

In an interview by AzAEYC, (READ: Claudia Talambayan receives Outstanding Educator Award), Ms. Claudia advises fellow professionals that,

To continue to have a strong society, we need to give our loving support in building a strong foundation to our early childhood learners. It goes a long way! Generation after generation, the good works that great teachers give and do today will return to us and others a hundred fold in the future.

The SLSU-College of Arts and Sciences administration, faculty, students, and alumni association wish to congratulate our pride, Ms. Claudia Talambayan, for bringing such great honor to our humble institution and by living by one of CAS' goals - Fostering social advancement - in her own way, thereby serving as an inspiration to our faculty, staff, students, and alumni!

/ CAS Web Development Team with reports and information from Dr. Mari Jane Lee, Prof. Gino Cabrera, and Alumni Association President, Mr. Joel Erandio