Faculty (BA Communication)


Assistant Professor I

PhD in Applied Linguistics, DLSU, 2019

MA Applied Linguistics, SLSU, 2010

BA Journalism, PUP-Manila, 2002

Specialization: Journalism, Language communication


Instructor I

MA in Media Studies: Film, UP-Diliman (Thesis Writing)

BA Speech Communication, UP-Diliman, 2004

Specialization: Film Studies, Speech Communication, Drama & Theater Arts

Assistant Professor II

PhD in Media Studies, UP Diliman, ongoing

Master in Development Communication, UPOU, 2012

BA in Broadcast Communication, PUP-Manila,

Specialization: Development Communication, Media Studies, Advertising, Chinese Mandarin

Instructor III

PhD in Development Communication, UP Los Baños, ongoing

Master in Communication, PUP- OUS, 2013

BA Communication, SLSU, 2007

Specialization: Communication Management, Development Communication, Japanese Language

Associate Professor I

Joint PhD (Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis/ Language, Discourse & Communication), The University of Hong Kong & King's College London, University of London (HKU PGS Scholar), 2021

MA English Studies: Language, UP Diliman, 2015

BSED English, SLSU, 2009

Specialization: Language communication, conversation analysis, (media) discourse analysis

Associate Professor IV

PhD in English, MLQU, 2015

MA in English Language Teaching, PNU Manila, [Acads]

MA English Language Teaching, MLQU, 2010

BSED English, SLPC, 1994

Specialization: English language communication, scholastic journalism

Instructor I

MA in Media Studies: Journalism, UP Diliman, [Thesis Writing]

BA Communication, SLSU, 2008

Specialization: Journalism, Creative Writing, Desktop Publishing

Assistant Professor III

PhD in Communication, UP-Diliman, ongoing

Master in Communication, PUP- OUS, 2013

BA Communication, SLSU, 2009

Specialization: Communication Management, Communication Research, Political Communication, Chinese Mandarin


Updated: March, 2021