Department of Languages, Literature & Humanities

Faculty Information


Oblena, Natalia Z.

Assistant Professor III

MAT Applied Linguistics, SLPC, 2006

BSE English, SLPC, 1985

Specialization: English, Applied Linguistics


Devanadera, Aprillette C.

Program Chair, Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

Coordinator, Intensive English & Methodology Program


Regular Faculty

Abutal, Donn Claro P.

Instructor III

MAT Philosophy, Ateneo de Manila University (ongoing)

MAED English, MSEUF, 2014

AB Philosophy minor in English, Saint Francis Seminary, 2002

Specialization: Philosophy, Humanities, English

Contreras-Bacagan, Geraldine N.

Instructor I

MA in English Language Education, DLSU, 2020

MA Teaching English, SLSU, [18 units]

BSED English, SLSU, 2012

Specialization: English language & Literature

Caja, Clarita A.

Assistant Professor I

MAED Filipino, MSEUF, 2010

BSED Filipino, SLPC, 1998

Specialization: Filipino linguistics

Camarador, Mary Jane S.

Instructor 1

MA in Media Studies: Film, UP-Diliman (Thesis Writing)

BA Speech Communication, UP-Diliman, 2003

Specialization: Film Studies, Speech Communication, Drama & Theater Arts

Devanadera, Aprillette C.

Assistant Professor I

PhD in Applied Linguistic, DLSU, 2019

MA Applied Linguistics, SLSU, 2010

BA Journalism, PUP-Manila, 2002

Specialization: Journalism, English linguistics

Dino-Aparicio, Chenee

Instructor I

PhD in Applied Linguistics, DLSU Manila, 2016

MAEd English, MSEUF, 2011

BSEd English, MSEUF, 2009

Specialization: Computer-mediated Communication, Language Teaching

Dizon, Joan M.

Assistant Professor II

PhD in Media Studies, UP Diliman, ongoing

Master in Development Communication, UPOU, 2012

BA in Broadcast Communication, PUP-Manila,

Specialization: Development Communication, Advertising, Chinese Mandarin

Fraginal, Khristalyn V.

Instructor III

PhD in Development Communication, UP Los Baños, ongoing

Master in Communication, PUP- OUS, 2013

BA Communication, SLSU, 2007

Specialization: Communication Management, English, Japanese Language

Guinto, Nicanor L.

Associate Professor 1

Joint PhD (Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis/ Language, Discourse and Communication)

The University of Hong Kong & King's College London, University of London (HKU PGS Scholar), 2021

MA English Studies: Language, UP Diliman, 2015

BSED English, SLSU, 2009

Specialization: Critical Sociolinguistics, Media Discourse Analysis, Theoretical and Applied English Linguistics

Maguyon, Aurelio Teodoro D. III

Assistant Professor III

MA major in Teaching Philosophy, Ateneo de Manila University, 2009

AB Philosophy, St. Francis de Sales Major Seminary, 2001

Specialization: Philosophy

Manzanilla, Shiela M.

Associate Professor IV

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

PhD in English, MLQU, 2015

MA in English Language Teaching, PNU Manila, [Acads]

MA English Language Teaching, MLQU, 2010

BSED English, SLPC, 1994

Specialization: English linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics

Nada, Maria Gloria B.

Assistant Professor I

CAS Cultural Coordinator

MA Applied Linguistics, SLSU, 2012

AB Literature, FEU, 2006

Specialization: Literature, Applied Linguistics

Oblena, Natalia Z.

Assistant Professor III

Chair, Department of Languages, Literature, and Humanities

MAT Applied Linguistics, SLPC, 2006

BSE English, SLPC, 1985

Specialization: English, Applied Linguistics

Pabellano, Princess Catherine L.

Instructor I

MA in Media Studies: Journalism, UP Diliman, [Thesis Writing]

BA Communication, SLSU, 2008

Specialization: Journalism, Creative Writing

Rada, Arnel C.

Instructor 1

MAED, MSEUF, ongoing

BSED Filipino, UE – Manila, 1993

Specialization: Filipino

Radovan, Julia Lea B.

Associate Professor IV

PhD Applied Linguistics, DLSU-Manila, [Dissertation Writing]

MAED English, MSEUF, 2002

BS Agriculture, MSEUF, 1980

Specialization: English , Applied Linguistics

Valdeavilla, Irish T.

Instructor I

MA in English Language Education, DLSU, 2020

BSED English, SLSU, 2013

Specialization: English, Literature

Villaverde, Brian D.

Assistant Professor III

PhD in Communication, UP-Diliman, ongoing

Master in Communication, PUP- OUS, 2013

BA Communication, SLSU, 2009

Specialization: Communication Management, English, Chinese Mandarin

Contract of Service & Part-time Instructors

Abas, Jonalyn

MAEd, units

BSEd Filipino, SLSU

Daño, Judde Marr P.

AB Clasical Philosophy

Hermano, June Art R.

BSEd Filipino

Ladines, Rev. Fr. Adrian O.

Master in Pastoral Ministry

Bachelor of Science in Philosophy

Bachelor in Theology

Punzalan, Janelle A.

BSEd Filipino

Tutor, Ben Oliver D.

PhD in Philosophy, 51 units

Master in Philosophical Research

BA Philosophy

Updated: March 30, 2021