College of Arts and Sciences Administrative Staff

Assoc. Prof. MARI JANE A. LEE, Ph.D.

Department Chairpersons

Asst. Prof. Natalia Z. Oblena, MAT  |  Department of Languages, Literature, and Humanities
Asst. Prof. Judiemar A. Ungriano, MAH  |  Department of Social Sciences
Asst. Prof. Irene Irna Lomibao, MAT  |  Department of Natural Sciences & concurrently, Department of Mathematics & Computing Science

Program Chairpersons

Asst. Prof. Fides Joyce Llegado, MA  |  AB Psychology
Assoc. Prof. Shiela M. Manzanilla, PhD  |  BA Communication & MA in Applied Linguistics
Ms. Kathlene Ordoñez-Pornobi, MS  |  BS Biology
Mr. Jed Frank Marqueses  |  BS Mathematics
Asst. Prof. Judeimar A. Ungriano, MAH  |  AB History

College Coordinators

Asst. Prof. Rene P. Zubieto, RPm, MA  |  Research & Extension

CAS Dean's Office Support Staff

Maria Rosalind Villon

Laboratory Assistants

Vivian Casino

Updated: August 15, 2018