Faculty (BA Communication)

Assoc. Prof. Shiela M. Manzanilla, PhD

Associate Professor II
PhD in English, MLQU, 2015
MA in English Language Teaching, PNU Manila, [Acads]
MA English Language Teaching, MLQU, 2010
BSED English, SLPC, 1994
Specialization: English linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics


Core Faculty

Ms. Mary Jane S. Camarador, MAMS: Film (Cand)

Instructor I
MA in Media Studies: Film, UP-Diliman (Thesis Writing)
BA Speech Communication, UP-Diliman, 2004
Specialization: Film Studies, Speech Communication, Drama & Theater Arts

Ms. Joan M. Dizon, MDC

Instructor III
PhD in Media Studies, UP Diliman, ongoing
Master in Development Communication, UPOU, 2012
BA in Broadcast Communication, PUP-Manila, 
Specialization: Development Communication, Advertising, Chinese Mandarin

Ms. Khristalyn V. Fraginal, MC

Instructor II (on study leave)
PhD in Development Communication, UP Los Baños, ongoing
Master in Communication, PUP- OUS, 2013
BA Communication, SLSU, 2007
Specialization: Communication Management, English, Japanese Language

Ms. Princess Catherine L. Pabellano, MAMS: Journalism (Cand)

Instructor I
MA in Media Studies: Journalism, UP Diliman, [Thesis Writing]
BA Communication, SLSU, 2008
Specialization: Journalism, Creative Writing

Asst. Prof. Brian D. Villaverde, MC

PhD in Communication, UP-Diliman, ongoing
Master in Communication, PUP- OUS, 2013
BA Communication, SLSU, 2009
Specialization: Communication Management, English, Chinese Mandarin

Instructor I (on study leave)
PhD in Applied Linguistic, DLSU, ongoing
MA Applied Linguistics, SLSU, 2010
BA Journalism, PUP-Manila, 2002
Specialization: Journalism, English linguistics

Assistant Professor I (on study leave)
Joint PhD in Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis, The University of Hong Kong & King's College London, University of London (HKU PGS Scholar), ongoing
MA English Studies: Language, UP Diliman, 2015
BSED English, SLSU, 2009
Specialization: Critical Discourse Analysis, Theoretical and Applied English Linguistics, German Language

Guest Lecturers

Ms. April De Leon
Executive Assistant, Office of the SLSU President
BS Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños

Ms. Anna Sulapas
COS Instructor/ SHS Teacher
BA Speech Communication, University of the Philippines Baguio, 2016


Updated: May 15, 2018