Faculty & Staff (BS Biology)

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Ms. Kathleen Ordoñez-Pornobi, MS
Instructor II

MS Zoology, UPLB, 2016
BS Biology, SLSU, 2010
Specialization: Parasitology, Human Nutrition
Research Interests: Parasitology & Public Health
Contact Information: kathleenordonezko37@gmail.com


Ms. Shiela A. Babia-Abion, MS
Instructor I

MS Biology, UP Los Baños, 2016
BS – Biology, SLSU, 2009
Specialization: Parasitology, Environmental Science
Research Interests: Parasitology & Environmental Science
Contact Information: shiela01_babia@yahoo.com

Instructor I

MS Genetics, UPLB, 2016
BS – Biology, SLSU, 2012
Specialization: Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology, Plant Systematics, Botany
Research Interests: Biodiversity studies, plant genetic resources conservation, ecology, phenotypic variability in plants
Contact Information: barrerawilfrdojr@gmail.com

Professor Leonisa O. Bernardo, PhD
Professor II
Faculty Regent, SLSU Board of Regents
Ph.D in Science Education maj. in Chemistry, UP Open University
M.S. Chemistry, DLSU
BS Chemical Eng’g. Adamson University
Specialization: Biochemistry
Research Interest: Chemistry
Contact Information:  

Asst. Prof. Winnie N. Camigla
Assistant Professor IV
Master of Education in Biology, DLSU, 2001
Bachelor of Secondary Education, SLSU, 1997
Specialization: General Biology, Biology Education
Research Interests: Ethnobotany 

Assoc. Prof. Editha E. De Jesus, PhD
Associate Professor I
Director, University Research Services

Ph.D. in Biological Science, UST, 2017
Master in Biology, UST, 2008
BS Zoology, FEU, 1982
Specialization: Zoology, Biology
Research Interests: Zoology, Biology
Contact Information: odejesus922@yahoo.com.ph

Asst. Prof. Ma. Luisa A. Enal, MS
Assistant Professor III

MS Food Science minor in Biochemistry, UPLB, 2005
Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, UPLB, 1994
Specialization: Microbiology Food Science
Research Interests: Food Science
Contact Information: Enal.malou@gmail.com

Ms. Julieta Lindo, MS
Instructor II

PhD. in Biology, North Carolina State University (USA), ongoing [Fulbright Scholar]
Master in Biology, Ateneo de Manila University, 2010
BS Biology Major in Plant Systematics, UPLB, 2004
Specialization: Molecular Systematics, Plant Biology, Biogeography
Research Interests: Molecular Systematics, Cladistics, phylogenomics, phylogeography, ecology and evolutionary biology
Contact Information: julieta.lindo@fulbrightmail.org

Ms. Kathleen Ordoñez-Pornobi, MS
Instructor II

MS Zoology, UPLB, 2016
BS Biology, SLSU, 2010
Specialization: Parasitology, Human Nutrition
Research Interests: Parasitology & Public Health
Contact Information: kathleenordonezko37@gmail.com

Ms. Florabelle Querubin
COS Instructor
MS Microbiology, UPLB (ongoing) [CHED Scholar]
BS Biology, SLSU, 2012
Specialization: Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology
Research Interests: Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology
Contact Information: flora.querubin@yahoo.com

Mr. Mark Alvin Restan, MS
COS Instructor

MS Marine Biology, UP Diliman (Thesis Writing)
BS Biology, SLSU, 2012
Specialization: Marine Science, Developmental Biology, Plant Anatomy, Systematic Zoology, Biochemistry
Research Interests: Marine Science
Contact Information: restanmsi24@gmail.com

Mr. Essex Vladimer E. Samaniego, MS
Instructor III
Head, University Student Publications & Technical Adviser, The Kingfisher Group of Publications

Master of Science in Biological Science, UST, 2013
BS Biology, SLSU, 2008
Specialization: Freshwater Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Wildlife
Research Interests: Biodiversity Studies, Herpetology, Invasive Species, Arachnids
Contact Information: platymantisquezoni@gmail.com

Ms. Fidesmarie Villenas
Instructor II
Master of Science in Biology, DLSU, (thesis writing)
BS Biology (Microbiology), UPLB, 1997
Specialization: Microbiology, Environmental Science
Research Interests: Microbiology, Environmental Sciences
Contact Information: favillenas@yahoo.com


Asst. Prof. Ronaldo V. Altovar, MAT
Assistant Professor III
Chairperson, Natural Sciences Department

PhD Science Ed., SLSU, ongoing; MAT Science, SLSU, 2006
BSEd Gen.Sci, SLPC, 1992

Specialization: Physical Science
Research Interests: Science
Contact Information:

Asst. Prof. Flordeliza O. Babat, MAT
Assistant Professor IV
MAT – Science, SLSU, 2006
MS Chemistry (12 units)
BS Chemical Engineering, Adamson University, 1982
Specialization: Chemistry

Assoc. Prof. Irene Irna Lomibao, MAT
Associate Professor I
Head, Laboratories

MAT- Physics, TUP
BS Chemical Eng’g., TUP
Specialization: Physics/ Chemistry

Asst. Prof. Pacita S
Origenes, MASEd 
Assistant Professor IV
MA Sci Education, MSEUF, 2015
BS Chemical Eng’g, 1984
Specialization: Physics

Ms. Alexa Jade E. Palmes
COS Instructor

BS Biology
Specialization: Microbiology
Research Interest: Microbiology
Contact Information: alexajadepalmes@gmail.com

Asst. Prof. Gilberto Venzuela, MAEd
Assistant Professor IV

Master of Education Major in Chemistry, DLSU, 1998
BS Cehmical Eng’g, NU, 1986
Specialization: Chemistry


Ms. Zina Rose Vito
Laboratory Staff, Science and Technology Building
BS Biology,